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Great Men of God - Upendra Parichha

Great Men of God - Upendra Parichha

Great Men of God - Upendra Parichha
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Upendra Parichha, popularly known as Parichha Babu is originally from Kumulasingh, a small village near Rayagada, Gajapati. He was just the opposite of what he is now, before he accepted the Lord as his personal Lord and Saviour. An wooden door, now at Kumulasingh  is one of the emblems of his character before his conversion. He is said to have axe the wooden door with angry. Anyhow, the Lord chosen him and now he is regarded as the most dynamic preacher in UBMS and outside of UBMS also. He is now living at Nuagada.
Parichha Babu was with the Lord for 40 days and nights. During the time he ate no food. After completion of his staying with Lord he first appeared in a revival meeting at Chheligada where thousands of people could see his face shining.

Parichha Babu had to receive some messages both from Pani Babu (Suratha Pani, Gamma) and Karada Babu (Badapada).

Before Karada Babu went to be with the Lord Parichha Babu went to him which was an instruction from God. So, when Parichha Babu went to him, Karada Babu advised Parichha Babu saying “You are to complete many tasks of God. God has choosen you to perform His task…. please come to me… (when Parichha Babu becomes nearer), please come closer to me…(when Parichha Babu become very closer to him) please let your chest touch with mine.. (so he huggs him).

Before Pani Babu went to be with the Lord he was at Berhampur hospital. So, when Pani Babu saw Parichha Babu he called him saying “God has many things to perform by you…. Do, what God wants you to do….” As per the explanation of Parichha Babu, Pani Babu had completely died except his head, as he waited to tell things to Parichha Babu. It is said that, Parichha Babu was given the gift of the Scripture knowledge (with the help of the Holy Spirit!) of Pani Babu. Parichha Bau compares himself and Pani Babu as Elisha and Elizah respectively which he (Parichha Babu expressed in a meeting at Jeerango in June 2012)